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Adopt a sheep

This is a great opportunity to support CISS, sending all our love to the children of Cabella School as well as directly offering our support to the local community.
The Vallenostra Agri-tourism and Dairy Farm at Mongiardino came up with a novel idea to keep the ancient tradition of local cheese-making alive. The project is called “Adopt a sheep”. Anyone can join in by giving €70 in advance, and over a period of time, one gets the same value back in the form of this special Montebore* cheese and other farm products.

CISS decided to participate in this project so the children could have their own sheep!

Now for those who wish to support the School and help the local economy at the same time, a special arrangement has been created to enable such people to participate in this wonderful project. For every €70 donated, €40 worth of Montebore cheese is delivered to the kitchen at Cabella School during the school year, €5 goes to the Shepherd and the remaining €25 is transformed into this delicious fresh cheese for you to enjoy.

Roberto and Agata are happy to invite everyone to their farm/restaurant Vallenostra. They also have three rooms in the agri-tourism, even during the summer season and a very good restaurant where Agata cooks special meals from local traditional recipes, making home-made bread from local wheat with ancient seeds.

If you would like to support the School in a practical way, allowing our children to eat very good, fresh, and healthy local products, while helping to support the local farmers and their traditional way of making cheese, please write an email to boarding@cabellaschool.org and you will receive all the instructions you need to adopt a sheep.

* Montebore is an Italian cheese made with milk from sheep, goats and cows, according to a traditional ancient dairy technique.

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