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Picnic at the mill

On Saturday 18th March all of us at Cabella school went to visit an old mill in Carrega (Mulino del Pio) which has been transformed in a hydroelectric power plant.

The owner, Franco Aragone, is a very nice, humble and innocent man! Despite being in his 80s, he is still full of enthusiasm and passion for new things and is always inventing something or finding new ways of producing sustainable energy. But Franco is special also for another reason: being part of the Cabella Council, in 1991 he was invited by Shri Mataji in Her apartments at the Castle and so he was one of the first persons from the valley to welcome Her, with trust and respect.
Mulino del Pio is the place where he was born. His grandfather bought the land at the end of the Nineteenth Century and built a mill which was used from the people of the nearby villages for the grinding of wheat, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and beech seeds. At that time, these were in fact, the only resources of the Val Borbera.
In 1929 Franco’s family transformed the mill in a hydroelectric power plant that would generate electricity for 5 villages (120 families in total).
Closed in the 60s by the National Agency for the Supply of Electricity, the plant was completely renovated and brought back to life 2 years ago by Franco and his son Massimo, an electrical engineer.

Some of the CISS students are studying about electricity and energy and so it was very interesting for them to see the whole process of transforming the kinetic energy in electrical energy!

Mulino del Pio is also a beautiful place where people like to go for a picnic during the summer. To our great surprise we found out that Shri Mataji Herself went to the same place on different occasions (at least 2) with the Sahaja Yogis to have a picnic!

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