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Exhibition of visual arts of the Borbera valley

“Ri-conosco la val Borbera?” (Do I recognise the Borbera valley?) is a project that originates from the idea of some cultural associations present in the valley. CISS students participated at the project.
The idea is to give added value to the whole area through the local schools. How?

It all started when some secondary school students and class 5 primary school children were given some pictures of monuments and landscapes of the villages along the Borbera river. They studied them and elaborated on them. The results of their work will be displayed in Vignole Borbera’s old town center on Sunday 28th May from 11am. All participating schools will receive some artistic didactic materials. All students and their families are invited to participate at the prize-giving ceremony which will be held on the same day at 3pm. Apart from the students’ works, the exhibition will include all the original pictures studied in this project and some other local artists’ works.

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