Boarding Life

At Cabella International Sahaja School, we equally value the standards we uphold for both the educational we provide for our cohort of students, as well as the care and familial connection we foster as a second home for the children during term time.

It is a privilege and a great responsibility we have in guiding the growth of these young minds and curious hearts in their daily progress towards best expressing their innate potential.

We know that each child under our care represent a unique character. There is no one general approach we have, therefore our caregivers take pride taking the time to understand each child as not a problem to solve, but a compelling story simply waiting to unfold. And, as far as a good story goes, it brings a whole continuum of emotions from belly-aching laughter, to tear-jerking crying, while providing a heartwarming dose of humour.

To get a glimpse of what a day in the life at CISS entails, we’ve illustrated a usual weekday below.

6:30 Wake Up!

It is an orchestrated effort for our caregivers to welcome in the morning in each dorm, be it through a bit of music, the occasional showcase of aerobic agility, or the proven “shake-and-wake” method.

7:00 Morning Meditation

The school gather together for a collective meditation that is part daydreaming, another smidgen of dozing off, and the occasional elated experience of thoughtless awareness. While the latter does provide the most benefit, all three give an opportunity for a gentle start to the day.

7:30 Breakfast

According to the experts the most important meal of the day. While the Italians prefer light breakfast with a cappucino and croissant, we find wisdom in the fact that caffeine-induced children are more liable to bounce off of each wall in the classroom rather than those who have had a more balanced breakfast consisting of bread, an assortment of butter and jams, porridge or cereals

8:00 Assembly

An opportunity to tell great jokes, but mostly a moment to inform the students of any events or activities taking place during the week.

8:20 First Lesson

More traditional academic subjects are prioritized for the morning, such as Maths, Sciences, and English.

10:00 Break

During the first break, the children are usually served snacks such as fruits or nuts. They are given the opportunity to zip up and down the courtyard to relieve themselves of any pent up energy before returning to the classroom.

10:20 Second Lesson

The second lesson slot follows the first in terms of traditional academic themes.

12:30 Lunch

We have a full kitchen team working within Casa Forme, providing delicious and locally sourced meals for the children three times a day. While mostly delivering Italian dishes, there are opportunities for forays into Indian, Mexican, and American cuisine.

13:15 Third Lesson

In the afternoon, we lean into more creative subjects such as arts, drama, dancing, or outdoors. This provides a change of pace and place with lessons taking place across our campus.

14:45 Break

Like during the previous break, fruits, nuts and other snacks are provided to meet the high energy demand of the students.

15:00 Fourth Lesson

Following the previous prescription, children can either continue with their creative activity, or in case of unfinished homework, take a moment to clear out any backlog.

16:30 Dorm Time

The moment that the students have been waiting for!

18.15 Dinner

19.00 Evening Meditation

After a belly-bursting meal, the children go sit, digest and relax for a short evening meditation in their respective dormitories.

19.30 Torch Time

A moment to read in bed and unwind after the day is done.

20.00/21.00 Sleep

Juniors are in bed and, theoretically, sleeping by 20.00 whereas seniors get a little more time to get to bed and spend their evening reading, playing games or mingling.