Pre-registration for 2019-2020

Cabella International Sahaja School will have a limited number of places for new children in 2019-2020.
We would like to invite parents who are interested in sending their children to Cabella School for the academic year 2019-2020 to download the application form here and send it to info@cabellaschool.org by 15th April 2019.


Preparing for Cabella International Sahaja School

We are cooperating closely with the Sahaja Kindergarten in Borotin where children are prepared for our first class with the basics of phonics (recognizing letters and identifying the sound they represent, reading some short words, practicing writing letters) and mathematics (identifying numbers up to 20, understanding what are addition and subtraction,…).

Apart from the curriculum requirements, in Borotin, the children get a sound basis of conversational English, they build up the daily routine of meditation, learn to enjoy collective life and become independent in their personal care. Children who spend (at least) three terms in Borotin will be ready to start class 1 of Cabella School.


Legal framework

Applications are open only to students with the legal right to study in Italy (or the Schengen area).

Please note that at this moment, Cabella International Sahaja School is structured as a home-schooling project and does not issue any official certificates regarding academic progress.

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that:

a. children are allowed to receive home-schooling education at primary school age in their countries

b. the relevant authorities are informed of the fact that the child will be/is being home-schooled, and

c. their child takes any exams that are legally required in their countries.



You are most welcome to contact us at info@cabellaschool.org if you have any queries.