Timetable 2021-2022


  • To create an educational environment in which childhood is valued and respected
  • To nurture children’s spiritual potential
  • To allow children to grow and develop in their own way in their own time
  • To promote a physical, emotional and spiritual development in a healthy environment.

We encourage children to be aware of their own worth and, at the same time, conscious of their responsibility towards their families, communities and the entire world.


The Cabella International Sahaja School (CISS) educational project was born from the desire of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to create a school in Cabella. Shri Mataji supervised all the aspects of the school including the vision and values, the curriculum, the timetable, the school equipment, and the choice and the arrangement of the building. The CISS educational project aims to achieve a harmonious balance between the knowledge of the outer world and one’s inner self in particular through the practice of Sahaja Yoga and the establishment of a high moral value family environment.

Boarding Standards

Cabella Intenational Sahaja School is in the process of seeking affiliation with an association of boarding schools that apply standards recognised by the British government.


For English, Maths and Science, the CISS curriculum follows a UK-based international curriculum.
For the social sciences History and Geography we have designed our own topic-based curriculum inspired by various curriculum (Italian, Irish and international curricula. The native Italian students follow the Italian National curriculum and English at a native level. In addition, Sahaja Education, Nature, Arts and Crafts, Music and Musical Instruments, Orchestra and Choir, and Sports are also a very important part of their day to day curriculum.

There must be balance between loving and intelligence. Handle things lovingly and intelligently. Use intelligence to correct the misbehaving child but the child must know you love him.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi