Preparing for the first class of Cabella School

At Cabella International Sahaja School, we follow an international curriculum in six stages. The first stage corresponds to the last year of kindergarten; we have set up a joint academic trajectory with the Sahaj kindergarten in Borotin, where children cover the first stage of the curriculum in Borotin and then continue their education at Cabella International Sahaja School.
In Borotin, children start their academic training in reading and writing (recognize letters and identify the sound they represent, read some short words, practice writing letters,…) and in mathematics (identify numbers up to 20, understand what are addition and subtraction,…). They get a basis of conversational English, build up the daily routine of Sahaja Yoga meditation, learn to enjoy collective life and become independent in their personal care.
The proposed age frame is to spend three terms in Borotin when the child is five turning six. The child can then start the first class in Cabella when he/she is six turning seven in that academic year.


What parents need to know before application

Cabella International Sahaja School (CISS) welcomes children aged 6 to 11 (grade 1 to 5) of Sahaja Yoga families. CISS can only accommodate students who have a European (Schengen) passport or have the legal right of residence and study in Italy.
At this moment, Cabella International Sahaja School is structured as a home-schooling project and does not issue any official certificates regarding academic progress. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that:

  1. children are allowed to receive home-schooling education at primary school age in their countries,
  2. the relevant authorities are informed of the fact that the child will be home-schooled, and
  3. their child takes any exams that are legally required in their countries.

A minimum initial knowledge of English is required for all students starting at Cabella School. In order to start class 1, the ideal preparation is taking three terms in Borotin. For children joining in a higher class who are new to studying in English, CISS can provide some individualised support during the first term. However, in order to be able to follow the lessons, a basic knowledge of reading and writing in English needs to be established prior to joining the school. The level required depends on the class the child will join: higher classes require a more advanced initial level of English. Parents can get in touch with the CISS headteacher (headteacher@cabellaschool.org) to discuss how to prepare their child for studying in English, during the year before joining.
Cabella International Sahaja School can provide limited specific support to children with learning difficulties. We request parents to give a detailed overview of any learning difficulties the child may have; CISS will then discuss with the parents what support can be provided. The school will assess whether or not it has the resources to give the required care to the child. Please note that it is in the child’s best interest that parents communicate in a transparent way on any needs the child may have. The case where difficulties or specific needs get exposed when the child has already started school and the school has to conclude that it does not have the means to follow up on these needs is always difficult for child, family and school.


The application process

Cabella International Sahaja School will have a limited number of places for new children in 2021-2022.
Applications for 2021-2022 are to be sent to amministrazione@casamadre.eu by 15 April 2021.
For the application to be valid please enclose:

  • the Application Form for the 2021-2022 school year, completed and signed by both parents and by the Sahaja Yoga national coordinator and the attached Privacy Consent Form part 1&2, signed by both parents;
  • a copy of the child’s passport;
  • a copy of both parents’ passport;
  • past school reports.

For children coming from Borotin, we will collect the children’s reports and relevant additional feedback from the Borotin teachers’ team in order to make the transition smooth and provide support as required.
Children who have completed three terms in Borotin and are ready to start class 1 in Cabella School have the first priority. Other criteria taken into account in considering applications are:

  • siblings at Cabella International Sahaja School,
  • prior education in Sahaja schools,
  • timely application (before 15 April 2021),
  • class applied for (lower classes are given priority).

Cabella International Sahaja School will contact all applicants at the beginning of May to give feedback on their application.

Download Application Form


If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact us at amministrazione@casamadre.eu.