Our Mission

Our mission is to create an institution for children of Sahaja Yogi families around the world which provides for the protection of their innocence, for the development of their personality and for their academic advancement in a pure, ethical and spiritual environment free from the artificial pressures and constraints of modern society.
We aim to facilitate their development into responsible members of the community who share a the vision of an enlightened, world-wide human family, owing allegiance to one almighty God and living together in peace and harmony.

Our Values are expressed in the qualities we wish to nurture in our children:

  • Innocence and wisdom
  • Creativity and spontaneity
  • Inner-balance and inner-peace
  • Righteousness and self-discipline
  • Compassion and fearlessness
  • Collectivity and detachment
  • Humility and forgiveness
  • Joy


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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us