Quotes and Stories – November

Nice Try

Child convincing the aunties he didn’t have to finish eating:

‘I’m not the food, I am the spirit.’

An Important Distinction

Child: ‘What do we have for dinner?’

Uncle: ‘Ramen, it’s a kind of soup.’

Child: ‘Is it yummy?’

Uncle: ‘Yes.’

Child: ‘But is it child yummy?’

Funny Mix-Ups

Class 1 are practicing their presentations.

Child 1: ‘This river comes from the Sahasrara Desert.’

Child 2: ‘No, the Sahara Desert!’

Kindness is Key

Uncle: ‘Who would be so kind as to bring the laundry baskets back to the laundry room?’

Child: ‘Me, me! I want to be kind!’

Teacher Appreciation Day

Child goes to the Principal’s office: ‘Can I have a sweetie for an uncle?’

Principal: ‘Did he do something special today?’ 

Child: ‘Yes, he tried his best to teach us!’

Sweet Observations

‘I have to tell you a lovely thing. I love uncle, and he has the key to open hearts and make friends.’

Pure Joy

After bhajan evening, one child says: ‘When we were singing Mahamaya Mahakali my heart was exploding with joy…!’

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like...

‘Sir do you know, Santa Claus is Shri Ganesha’s incarnation, because they both have big bellies and he can also go around the world really quick…I hope the snow makes him active again!’

What is Love?

For Thanksgiving craft, the children write what they are thankful for on leaves and stick them on a tree. One girl asks the spelling of ‘flow”, explaining: “Flow is Love, and Love is Vibrations.”

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