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What we really pray for...

Sixth grader, after waking to the first heavy snow fall of the season and seeing the heap of snow outside: “All my prayers have been answered!”

Devi School

Superior life skills

During sustainability class it is explained that sustainability = sustain + ability. Teacher: “Do you know what ability means? Do you have any skills or things that you can do?” Child: “Yes. We can meditate.”


The true meaning of "guru"

“To be a guru means if you stop wiggling a lot – you can say ‘stop it’ to yourself – and then you stop wiggling!”


Truth and honesty

Two children give different versions of the same event. After a discussion with uncle, who explains that it is not possible to have two versions so different and that one must be false, child understands: “In that case, what I said cannot be true.”


When exams make sense

One parent gifted a special breakfast for the entire school. It happened to be the day when mid-term exams started. Sixth-grader, looking at her plate full of waffles: “I love exams.”

Devi School

Children's logic

A junior boy comes to the kitchen to get a second portion of lunch: ‘Senior portion, please!’ Senior boy: ‘You’re not a senior!’ Junior boy: ‘No, but I’m a junior second level!’ 


What does it mean to be a yuva shakti?

“I can’t wait to be a yuva shakti, so I can travel the world, have so many friends and eat whatever I want!”


Joys of meditating

During meditation, after raising the Kundalini three times, suddenly one of the girls turns around, shows aunty her hands and says: “Aunty! I just felt something so magical and powerful…this big flower just opened up in my Sahasrara chakra!” She turns back, smiling while meditating.


What is Love?

For Thanksgiving craft, the children write what they are thankful for on leaves and stick them on a tree. One girl asks the spelling of ‘flow”, explaining: “Flow is Love, and Love is Vibrations.”

CJ School

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