Steering Committee

Currently working as the Head of School for a 6th form college in the UK, specialised in art and design, Robert has been working in education management for over 30 years.  He has worked as the Vice Principal of ISPS and, more recently, while working as the General Manager of the SMND World Foundation, he helped set up and run the Cabella International Sahaj School.

Ann Maes holds a PhD in Mathematics and an Academic Teacher’s Degree. Since 2000, she is lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Economics, KU Leuven (Brussels, Belgium) where since 2020 she assumes the role of programme coordinator of the Bachelor & Master of Business Engineering. From 2017 to 2020 she was principal of Cabella International Sahaja School.

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Having previously worked in various project and management roles in various industries including education, military, information technology, aerospace and manufacturing, Hans currently manages the procurement processes of 6 production plants at a global steel company.

As a member of the CISS steering committee, Hans guides and supports selected projects.

Hans holds degrees in English, Education, Strategic IT Management and an MBA

Jeremy Lamaison was principal of Cabella International Sahaja School for one year and is currently a lecturer at a private university in Istanbul.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences and a master’s degree in Educational Planning and Leadership.

He also has a diploma in Youth coaching.

Fabrizio mainly supports communication and fundraising efforts.  He also helps with the coordination of communication activities for International Sahaj Education projects involving other Sahaja Schools around the globe, including Borotin, Canajoharie, Devi School, and Vienna Kindergarten.

Nicola L. Prandini MScArch USI AAM RIBA is an architect chartered in the UK and in Italy. He is the principal architect for the London Borough of Havering where he manages the in-house architecture team. There he designs and oversees public projects with a particular emphasis on the educational programme. With his team he champions good, sensible, sustainable and healthy design.

He currently sits on the Board of the Society for Public Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Surveying (SPACES) as Head of Profession (Architecture).
Nicola’s contribution to the Steering Committee of the CISSl is his expertise in design and management of large and complex school developments .

Agne has taken up the role of parent representative. She is the mother of three children, the youngest of which is currently enrolled at the school, and the older two having graduated recently.

Agne is currently studying an MSc in the Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education, born from a deep interest in the Arts and in the development of children. She is a volunteer in an all-inclusive, therapeutic and educational youth programs in London, and she is keen to bring value to the relationship between parents, the school and the children, through education.

Alan is a Chartered Accountant and the Finance Director of a subsidiary of a US company that operates as an institutional investment firm specialising in long-term asset backed financing. Alan in based at the European Headquarters in London and oversees all financial operations of the firm across its business units in Europe.

He has extensive experience in professional accounting and commerce, both domestically and internationally. He has had a diverse financial career, advising on a goldmine in Brazil to warehouses in Russia, also assisting in flotations of AIM listed companies in the UK.

Alan is also a Director of Nirmal Intellectual Property Corporation (NIPC) and the SMND World Foundation.

Alans contribution to the Steering Committee of the CISS is his financial experience that he has accumulated in business over a long career.

World Foundation

Since 2009, the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation has promoted the “Cabella International Sahaja School” inspired by the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The World Foundation is built on the belief that we are essentially spiritual beings and that real progress can only be achieved when this awareness becomes manifest in everything we do.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi taught people all over the world that the Truth lies within human beings and, uniquely, offered them the means of experiencing this unique dimension of awareness for themselves.
Today there is an ever growing body of people who have benefited from her message and are working towards new and innovative solutions to the problems of society.

After over thirty years of tirelessly traveling the globe to promote her message, in 2006, Shri Mataji decided to establish a Foundation in order to help mobilize this mass of people and to facilitate the spreading of her teachings and the practice of Sahaja Yoga.
Known as the “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation”, it serves as an outlet for the expression of a new spirituality in all aspects of life and culture.

Our Vision is a world in which human beings are spiritually enlightened, endowed with the power of pure love and compassion and equipped with the judgement and discernment to overcome the differences between men and work together towards a world of peace, harmony and benevolence.

Casa Madre

In 2014, the World Foundation decided to create “Casa Madre Impresa Sociale srl”, a non-profit organisation to look after the operational side of the Foundation.
Casa Madre is owned by the World Foundation (97%) and Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Italy (3%). VND Italy is an association made up of those who practice Sahaja Yoga in Italy.

Although it is run as a limited company, it has a special ‘non-profit’ status.*

Casa Madre runs all the activities promoted by the World Foundation, including “Cabella International Sahaja School”.


Under Article. 3 of the Decree n. 155/2006 and because of the nature of the non-profit organisation:

  • Profits and operating surpluses are intended solely for the performance of the statute or an increase in equity;
  • It is forbidden to distribute profits and surpluses, however denominated, as well as funds and reserves in favor of directors, partners, participants, workers or collaborators, even indirectly.