Quotes from our Students | Shri Mataji

"A Dream"

“You know Teacher, the dream that I really REALLY want is to see Shri Mataji in real life. Once when I was a baby I saw Her in my room, but I can’t remember what She looks like, and I really, really want to see Her again!”

"A Wish"

Class 1 is asked to write a sentence with the word ‘would’, and among answers like “I would go to bed”, “I would buy a toy”, one child writes: “I would hug Shri Mataji.”

"A Presence"

Child: “Aunty, do you know who is behind you?”

Aunty: “Who?”

Child: “It’s Shri Mataji!”

Aunty: “How do you know She is behind me?”

Child: Shri Mataji is behind everyone! She is invisible but She is everywhere.”

"A Guide"

“I checked vibrations if I should come back next year to Cabella School; I thought I should ask Shri Mataji because She is older than me and knows a lot of things.”

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