Register a child for the first class

We have started a close cooperation with the Sahaj kindergarten in Borotin. In this framework, children will first follow three terms in Borotin and then continue their education at Cabella International Sahaja School.

In Borotin, the children start their academic training in reading and writing (recognize letters and identify the sound they represent, read some short words, practice writing letters,…) and in mathematics (identify numbers upto 20, understand what are addition and subtraction,…). Apart from that, they get a sound basis of conversational English, build up the daily routine of meditation and sahaj treatments, relate to many different people, learn to enjoy collective life (share materials, accept other children’s point of view,…) and become independent in their personal care.

The proposed age frame is to spend three terms in Borotin when the child is five turning six. The child can then start the first class in Cabella when he/she is six (turning seven in that academic year).

Please note that for children starting the first class in Cabella school in September 2018, we will expect that they have completed these three terms in Borotin.
For the winter term 2018, Borotin still has places available. If you wish to send your child to Borotin, please confirm as soon as possible (borotin@nirmala.cz).

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