A Day at CISS

At Cabella International Sahaja School, we equally value the standards we uphold for both the education we provide for our cohort of students, as well as the care and familial connection we foster as a second home for the children during term time.

It is a privilege and a great responsibility we have in guiding the growth of these young minds and curious hearts in their daily progress towards best expressing their innate potential.

We know that each child under our care represent a unique character. There is no one general approach we have, therefore our caregivers take pride taking the time to understand each child as not a problem to solve, but a compelling story simply waiting to unfold. And, as far as a good story go, it brings a whole serving of emotions from belly-aching laughter, to tear-jerking crying, while providing a heartwarming dose of humour.

To get a glimpse of what a day in the life at CISS entails, we’ve illustrated a usual weekday below.