Meditation and Spirituality

We believe that our core values can be cultivated by introspection – by looking within. Rather than treating these values as separate, for us spirituality is seeing how they are connected. Meditation is the experience of that connection.

At CISS, we meditate with the method of Sahaja Yoga. “Sahaja” means simple, spontaneous or natural. “Yoga” is the connection with that which is both within, without, and beyond.

We meditate twice a day: once in the morning together with the whole school and staff, and another time in the evening separately during dorm time. In this way, we begin the day by connecting with both ourselves and each other.

Meditation is best when it is effortless. This happens when one’s attention simultaneously floats to the top of the mind, beyond the reach of thoughts, and dives deep down to touch the bedrock of the heart. It happens in silence.

In this state of meditation, known as ‘thoughtless awareness’, we can more clearly discern our core values, bring them to the forefront of our attention, and allow them to expand, grow, and integrate within.

The more we integrate within, the more it fosters a culture of genuine connection amongst our staff and students. In this manner, through meditation, our values are not merely hearsay but integral to how we grow day in and day out.

But, in all honesty, children are by nature more attuned to living in the here and now—grateful of the present, hopeful of the future—which is why we look to them to understand what simplicity and spontaneity look like in practice.

To understand that they key is to be childlike, not childish—ready to grow wherever we may go.