Volunteer Spirit

Volunteers are integral to Cabella International Sahaja School.

Rather than being on the periphery and allotted roles with minimal impact, we empower each and every volunteer to make best use of their time with us at CISS, be it in the kitchen, classroom, or dorms.

We know that volunteers come from many walks of life, and it is this variety of skills, character, and competencies that enrich our day to day at CISS. More than that, we ascertain that each and every volunteer is familiarised with the rigour and discipline, and routine required in a pedagogical environment through a series of modules prior to the beginning of each term. Furthermore, during term time we invite pedagogical experts in the English curriculum we use to report on our pool of volunteers, and support them both professionally and personally.

Better than to hear it from us, listen in on how some of our volunteer dorm staff experienced their time with us and other Sahaja Schools around the globe!