Music constitutes an indelible expression of human experience.

For our students at CISS, we build up their knowledge and know-how of simple instrumentation by dedication to a single instrument. This allows to develop the dexterity, coordination, and musicality that is latent in all children, but requires a generous dose of attention and love to bring it into bloom.

More than simply observing the basics of western polyphonic orchestration and evolution into more modern forms of expression such as jazz and rock, we marry this learning with a deep understanding of world music as well, especially hindustani and carnatic music from India.

By evolving this dual approach of learning that embraces both the east and west, we aim to provide a synthesis of understanding that, in the long run, instills a sense of appreciation, tolerance, and amity between cultures and peoples by the very fact that, at the heart of it all, song is a universal expression of humankind (even though we may not all be in tune).