For many millenia, human beings have lived a life on the move – one in sync with the changing of the seasons, the ebb and the flow of the tide, and the howling of the winds in the midst of a surging sea.

Yet, this lifestyle underwent drastic changes upon the dawning of agriculture and a sedentary lifestyle, which has wrought vast changes in our body and mind. We don’t mean to turn back time. However, our outdoor lessons are an opportunity for our cohort of students to relinquish the burden of the modern ego, if but for a moment, and delve into the depths of paths built in the past that still instinctively inform our present.

More than just a journey into a primitive self, we also explore what we have on our kitchen shelf: what are the natural ingredients that we have learnt to gather and cook to keep us nourished. This intimate interaction with nature, from the forest floor to the yawning cathedrals built by the arches of looming trees inspires us to bring into balance both halves of ourselves – to understand that motion is inspired by both movement and stillness.