Sahaja Yoga

The key defining trait of our school is Sahaja Yoga.

Derived from sanskrit, Sahaja can either mean ‘simple’ or ‘spontaneous’, whereas yoga means ‘connection.’ In our context, this connection is established with the quintessence of our self – the Spirit – that is within, without and beyond. Along the ages, people have given this essence varying names depending upon their understanding, predisposition, and perception.

An academic may call it a pantheistic worldview, an artist may call it the ‘flow’, George Lucas would call it the ‘Force’, and the layman as ‘God’ or the ‘Divine.’ Whatever it may be, it is for the individual to learn, see and experience.

In our Sahaja Yoga classes, we aim to spark that curiosity for the world within that reflects the world without; to see how by nurturing that spark within we can bring to life that light which is found in all of us, but which displays itself in brilliant hues to bring out the best in our character – for in diversity there is beauty.

Our aim is not to inculcate, indoctrinate and standardise. On the contrary, it is to realise that all of us are imbued with the potential to be and become, guided not by that which was, but that which is and will be – a true, living vision of reality; one that is ever-present in our heart, but one which must start to expand from every bosom to blossom and become a state of Sahaja Yoga.