World & People

The aim of ‘world and people’ is to connect students with their own seeking and wonder of the world around them to broaden their perspective, while holding true to Sahaja values at their core. This subject is a combination of history, geography and social studies.

Through observing a flower bud, how can one begin to understand the sense of time? In class 2, students start their explorative journey by looking at natural and historical timelines. This includes coming face to face with the earliest humans, their culture and expressions. For example, students recreate stone tools with the use of their surroundings such as from the Borbera’s riverbanks.

Further along the line, students come to understand a handful of key living processes (biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere) of our planet in relation to human activity. In class 4, students explore the Ancient Egyptians to Shang Dynasty to take a deeper look into what makes a civilisation, their successes and demise according to Shri Mataji’s teachings. In class 5, students build up their public speaking skills as their main project is to present their home country. In an international school, the presentations are always a great reminder of how we are brought together from different corners of the world into an environment where we can all learn from each other.